Our Mission:

Demystify and Democratize Conjoint Analysis

Making the most effective form of quantitative research accessible and affordable to all businesses, large and small.

What we do

At EPIC Conjoint we are passionate believers in the power of conjoint analysis from our own experiences working in global companies. But we were massively frustrated at the amount of time, effort, and the cost barriers to conduct a conjoint survey.  Instead of accepting these limitations, we decided to do something about it.

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For Practitioners,
From Practitioners

We are a team of skilled pricing, product, and customer insights experts with decades of experience, who believe conjoint analysis should be available without constraints or limitations.

Pursuing our passion, we created the most innovative quantitative survey platform that is designed for commercial users and streamlines market research so you can focus your efforts on what really matters!

Together with full access to the platform, we provide expert guidance to guarantee you get precise, actionable results when conducting your surveys.

Why Conjoint Analysis?

It is the most powerful research technique employed by the world’s leading brands to understand and measure customer preferences and willingness to pay.

Conjoint analysis presents products in a way that simulates real-world product comparison and asks respondents to make realistic trade-off decisions.

At EPIC Conjoint we support choice-based conjoint analysis with seamless survey design, worldwide distribution, and interactive analysis, so you can make informed product and pricing decisions.

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EPIC Conjoint platform features

We have created the most innovative quantitative survey platform with commercial users in mind. Benefit from working with our team that has conducted hundreds of surveys, and the following features:


Unlimited access to the cloud-based EPIC Conjoint platform for all stakeholders


Create your own conjoint surveys easily and quickly through a user-friendly interface


Distribute the survey to your target panel in 130+ markets worldwide within minutes


Communicate results effectively with powerful visualizations and export these to Excel, PPT or PDF


Experience the interactive results dashboard while analyzing and interpreting survey results


Benefit from our expert guidance during all stages of your research, at no additional fee

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