At EPIC Conjoint we are passionate believers in the power of conjoint analysis to determine optimal features and price points for any product or service. But we were massively frustrated at the amount of time and effort, not to mention the eye-watering cost it can take to conduct a conjoint survey. So instead of continuously moaning about our inability to conduct conjoint as and when a business need arises, we decided to do something about it! 

Our Mission

We, a bunch of commercial marketers with a substantial amount of Tier 1 brand experience, have conspired with a couple of seriously talented, commercially-minded statisticians to demystify and democratize conjoint analysis. We firmly believe conjoint analysis is not rocket science and therefore should not be the domain of market research agencies solely. Rather conjoint can and should be used much more liberally by business users for multiple commercial purposes. 

Conjoint should not be restricted to a sporadic new product launch. Instead there are a myriad of use cases requiring business-critical management decisions in most industry sectors that by right should be underpinned with conjoint analysis.

What We've Achieved

Leveraging our many years of commercial marketing experience we have created the first conjoint application truly tailored towards commercial users rather than academics, political scientists, psychologists or market researchers. Key features of EPIC Conjoint are as follows:

  • Any business user can create their own discrete conjoint survey using a very simple, intuitive interface
  • Surveys can be designed and distributed in a matter of minutes 
  • In-application guidance is provided to help you design a best practice conjoint survey
  • Distribute your survey seamlessly to target respondents using a variety of messaging options
  • Survey results are displayed instantly in a concise, intuitive report for quick and easy interpretation