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Tune in to your market

Innovative conjoint analysis software that provides customer insights in near real-time

Rapid conjoint analysis software empowering...

Insights Leaders

Understand the spectrum of needs in your markets. Develop new customer strategies and experiences. Get the insights you need to make smarter decisions.

Pricing Gurus

Understand the price elasticity for your customers. Know if you are underselling. Take ambiguity out of pricing decisions and maximize profitability.

Product Heroes

Optimize your existing portfolio. Develop products, target segments or enter new markets with confidence. Remove the guesswork, ask the customer.

The rules of the game have changed dramatically

Companies can no longer accurately predict consumer behavior based on historic trends

Instant Gratification

Technology has conditioned people to be more impatient. Customers expect purchases to deliver instant value and are unwilling to wait.

are more impatient than 5 years ago
won't wait more than 15 mins for a taxi
won't wait more than 30 mins for food

Source: MarketingProfs, 2017


Customers are becoming increasingly harder to predict, making it more difficult for brands to anticipate their needs and preferences.


of brands see 'changing consumer behavior' as the most disruptive trend they face.


cite 'declining customer loyalty' as the most impactful change in consumer behavior.


recognize that their customers now expect a 'personalized customer experience'.

Source: KPMG, 2017

Customer research is crucial, but how do you do it?

The Old Way

Traditional methods which are siloed, often vague, conflicting and cost prohibitive

Conjoint analysis the old way

The New Way

Modern conjoint analysis which is measurable, fast, cost-effective, transparent and actionable

Conjoint analysis the new way

Why EPIC Conjoint?

EPIC Conjoint makes best practice conjoint analysis accessible to all business users.

EPIC Conjoint user interface


Quick set-up, no integration required

User Friendly

Designed by end-users for end-users


Pay as you use


Leverage conjoint for multiple use cases


End-to-end conjoint in under 3 days

Best Practice

Industry-leading conjoint analysis built in

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