EPIC Conjoint empowers brands to conduct conjoint analysis in near real time

Eight out of 10 companies in a recent Global Pricing Study reported they were experiencing rising price pressure, with many admitting they were actively engaged in a price war.  

In such a frenzied marketplace the margin of error is wider and stakes far higher. Product failures, existing and newly launched, are becoming all too common. The fallout from misreading competitors or mistiming the market can be catastrophic.

It is not sufficient anymore to conduct conjoint analysis as part of a new product launch or annual portfolio refresh. What can set winners apart these days is the degree to which they are investing in conjoint analysis.

Traditional methods of conducting conjoint are out of kilter with this new dynamic paradigm. Research agencies are unable to provide the actionable insights generated from conjoint analysis brands require almost on weekly basis to remain relevant. But it doesn’t need to be this way.....

EPIC Conjoint is a fully automated, user-friendly, cloud based conjoint solution tailor made for business users, empowering marketers to ‘conjoint’ in a fraction of the time, at a fraction of the cost, as and when the business need arises.

Make conjoint the rule instead of the exception in your organisation. Anticipate opportunities and threats faster and more precisely than competitors. Use insights generated by EPIC to de-risk market interventions and inject more certainty into strategic planning and decision-making.



What is Conjoint analysis?

Find out about the origins of conjoint analysis and why it is the best customer research technique to measure consumer preferences.

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