Innovative Product, Promotion & Price Decision-Making Software Solutions with Full Service Support delivered by Pricing Research Experts, including Target Respondent Selection and Survey Distribution.

Enabling game-changing B2C and B2B commercial decisions across 130+ markets within 3 business days.

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Our 4 Step Rapid Process

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Discuss your use case

We will recommend the appropriate survey methodology to address your product, promotion or pricing question.


Survey design

Once you complete our simple survey inputs template, our experts will design your survey within the same day.

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Survey distribution

You tell us your target respondent profile, we will launch your survey with the appropriate panel provider within the same day.


Results Analysis

After sharing the results, we will provide you with access credentials to our results dashboard for further analysis.

Why use EPIC Conjoint?

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Uncover Insights

Eliminate guesswork and rely on solid data-driven insights for strategic decisions

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Act Quickly

Conduct precise Pricing Surveys within only 1-3 days, utilizing the latest scientific research methodologies

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Drive Growth

Powerful market & price optimization simulators help to create and maintain a competitive advantage

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Pricing Expertise

Our experts are available to support you during all stages of your survey project – at no additional fee

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Cost Effectiveness

Businesses of all sizes can unleash the power of Pricing Research at an affordable flat price

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Worldwide Distribution

We send your surveys to laser-targeted audiences in 130+ countries in a matter of minutes

Who will pay and how much for my new product feature?
Measure Customer Preference and (Product) Feature Importance!
Discover profit-optimizing packaging for each customer segment!
Understand the price elasticity and willingness to pay for your and your competitor's customers
Measure Price Elasticity and Willingness to Pay and boost your Top and Bottom Line growth!
Simulate War-Gaming Market Scenarios and Create Price Optimization Models!
Understand the spectrum of needs in your markets
Quickly test hypotheses by testing the spectrum of needs in your market at a fraction of the cost!
Predict Customer Behavior in over 130 countries!

What global B2C & B2B organizations say about us

“EPIC Conjoint contributes to a step change in the ability to be more customer-centric and data-driven in our commercial decisions in an optimal way. And we experienced a real partnership where the EPIC Conjoint team has helped us develop surveys and discuss insights together.”

The insights provided by EPIC Conjoint's flexible and agile conjoint tool enabled us to rapidly understand and implement the optimal pricing strategy for Neo, the ground-breaking smart watch specially designed for kids.

We are grateful to the EPIC Conjoint team’s approach. Additionally, where we have leveraged EPIC Conjoint’s pricing insights for previous launches, we are seeing positive results in the market.”

"A typical conjoint analysis project can often be expensive, time consuming and inflexible.  The tool developed by EPIC Conjoint combats these issues and much more.  We have used the tool to develop new pack and pricing architecture on our key brands, that we believe give us a strong commercial advantage versus our competitors.  The team at EPIC Conjoint are excellent and will support you through the process and collaborate closely with you to ensure your objectives are met."

"EPIC Conjoint has supported us in deploying conjoint analysis to rapidly gain insight into customer willingness-to-pay for different product propositions. This strategic partnership is important in enabling us to continue to outperform peers and drive revenue growth."

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EPIC Conjoint is a true partner, not only during the conjoint survey design and analysis phases, but more importantly when it comes to translating results into the real financial impact to our bottom line. Assigning a dollar amount to the impact is critical to getting projects through our internal stage gate. The team is incredibly flexible in accommodating our unique and complex research needs and business objectives.

"EPIC Conjoint has given us one of the missing pieces in our drive to offer a full suite of agile insight tools to our business – the ability to conduct sophisticated conjoint tests as quickly as we might evaluate a concept or creative."

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"We used EPIC Conjoint to carry out research exploring what new ranges we could bring to the market. We found the tool very easy to use and the information we got back really helped guide us with our NPD plan for 2020 and beyond."

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"I find the beauty of EPIC Conjoint in its simplicity, both while launching the survey and also while analyzing the results. It really makes you think and prioritize what is most important and relevant for consumers. They have developed an impressive tool which has helped us take important decisions on market launch and pricing / promo offers."

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"EPIC Conjoint simply put was the perfect partner; their willingness to address our every request,  their flexibility and the superiority of their platform allowed us to achieve our objectives and deliver huge value for our business.

We will most definitely be conducting more work with EPIC Conjoint in the future!"

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“EPIC Conjoint is a really powerful tool that has enabled us to quickly tests concepts and understand the impact of product features and pricing in real time. It is invaluable to Virgin Media in helping to guide decision making. The tool itself is intuitive and easy to navigate, with a host of new features for analysis.”

"The EPIC Conjoint platform delivers exceptional speed, from ideation
to completion, a great enabler of insight powered product development."

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"The EPIC Conjoint solution enables us to quickly test propositions and simulate a view of the market, as we expand our products and services into new European markets.  The price elasticity results have been an instrumental factor in our decision making process.  
 The team at EPIC Conjoint are excellent and helped support us through the entire survey process, ultimately ensuring we developed the right proposition for our customers."


"We have run our first CONJOINT with EPIC Conjoint in order to check the market potential of a new product launch. But we have got out of it so much more than that! We have taken on the learnings to shape our mid term product roadmap and optimize the portfolio. It is such a simple yet powerful tool! It took no time to set it up and we had results in just a few days. The EPIC Conjoint team was great: very responsive, helpful, quick, and proactive."


What pricing experts say about us

Pricing Evangelist & Thought Leader

"EPIC Conjoint is democratizing Conjoint Analysis by providing a platform that is fast, agile, and affordable. This is a revolution in pricing research and one that removes some of the most commonly heard obstacles to invest in conjoint analysis: lack of time, of funds, and lack of skills. There is now no excuses for not testing your pricing with EPIC Conjoint"

Pricing Educator and Advisor

"What I like best about EPIC Conjoint is its simplicity. They have taken something complex and made it so simple almost anyone can do it. They built an intuitive design process and a convenient way to collect responses. However, my favorite part is the analytics. It is both simple and powerful. I loved easily seeing how much different market segments value each feature. EPIC Conjoint has created a conjoint analysis tool useable by mere mortals."

The B2B Software Pricing Guru

"EPIC Conjoint's rapid conjoint platform is an amazing Pricing solution. I'm excited for the pricing community as a whole. Most corporate pricers have their hands tied having to work closely with over-priced research companies to conduct conjoint studies. EPIC Conjoint should be welcomed with open arms!"

We provide the solutions and expertise required to conduct precise conjoint surveys within 3 days!