Uncover precise Customer Insights for your business in near real-time

Unleash the power of EPIC Conjoint to quickly and accurately decipher customer preferences and needs in order to make informed strategic marketing decisions with confidence

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Customer Insights are the foundation for successful decisions

People buy emotions, not things. Capturing these emotional behaviors plays a vital role in determining and ensuring business success. The challenge is getting these key insights quickly, whenever there is a need to make product or pricing strategy decisions.

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People do not buy goods and services. They buy relations, stories and magic.

Seth Godin

Find valuable insights in a sea of customer data

Data sources on which to base your decisions can be overwhelming, but getting real business insights always starts with the customer. Imagine if you could capture these insights in near real-time, not having to wait weeks, if not months?

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Stay ahead of the competition in a challenging market

The world is moving faster than ever before. The competition is always active and seeking opportunities. Trying to stay one step ahead is never-ending. Wouldn't it be reassuring if you could quickly and cost-effectively monitor and protect against market threats?

Elevate your department beyond a service function

Insights and Analytics are leading the way in modern business. These roles create a lot of potential for widespread impact and change. Wouldn't you like to have powerful data signals as game-changers for success, at your fingertips?

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Mike Taylor | Vodafone


"EPIC Conjoint has given us one of the missing pieces in our drive to offer a full suite of agile insight tools to our business – the ability to conduct sophisticated conjoint tests as quickly as we might evaluate a concept or creative."

Mike Taylor
Group Head of Insights | Vodafone

From Dublin to the World-03

EPIC Conjoint is the answer

Get precise conjoint analysis results in 1-3 days!

  • Quickly test and measure product performance
  • Design surveys that support strategic and tactical product initiatives
  • Conduct focused analysis with extensive filtration and segmentation
  • Test new products and concepts in 130+ markets
  • User-friendly and powerful visualization insights & simulators

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