Eliminate guesswork
from strategic product decisions

Leverage the speed and power of the EPIC Conjoint solution to drive your strategic product and pricing decisions at each stage of your Go-to-Market process and In-Life Product management.

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There is no product
without customers

In a world of rapid innovations, instant gratification, and major disruptors, previous product success and market behaviors are unreliable predictors of the future. This has created many new threats as well as success opportunities for companies with their products and services.

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Consumers don’t think how they feel. They don’t say what they think, and they don’t do what they say.

David Ogilvy

Find out what your customers want and why

Managing products can be challenging - trying to accurately anticipate and fulfil customer needs. Life is easier when you know what the customer wants, and most importantly - why. Imagine how powerful it would be to get these signals in near real-time?

With EPIC Conjoint you can!

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Compare your and competitors’ products

Different reports like Mystery Shopper, NPS, and CSAT can be disjointed, conflicting, and misleading. Wouldn't it be great if you were able to regularly measure your market performance and proactively make tactical and strategic decisions with confidence?

With EPIC Conjoint you can!

Drive future innovation and growth

Developing new products traditionally leaned on past behaviors and trends, but unpredictability is the new norm. What if you could ask your existing and potential customers to help, wouldn't that be a great place to start?

With EPIC Conjoint you can!

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"The EPIC Conjoint platform delivers exceptional speed, from ideation to completion, a great enabler of insight powered product development."

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EPIC Conjoint is the answer

Get precise Product Research results in 1-3 days!

  • Quickly test product feature preference at customer segment levels
  • Design surveys that support strategic and tactical product & pricing decisions
  • Conduct focused analysis with extensive filtration and segmentation
  • Test new products and prices in 130+ markets
  • User-friendly and powerful visualization insights & price optimization simulators

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