Shelf Conjoint

The Gamechanger for FMCG Pricing Research!
Virtual Shelf Conjoint adds a real world twist to Choice-based Conjoint Analysis: Products are presented on a digital retail shelf. This way, a customer’s in-store purchase decision is captured more effectively than ever before, which makes it an extremely powerful tool for FMCG products.

Applications of Virtual Shelf Conjoint

EPIC Conjoint’s unique Virtual Shelf Conjoint presents products in a competitive environment - on a customizable digital retail shelf.

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Applying best-in-class Choice-based Conjoint algorithms, you can unlock actionable insights for Use Cases such as:

Product Development:

  • What’s the ideal packaging and serving size for my product?
  • What kind of price promotion has the biggest effect on sales volume?
  • What is my optimal product portfolio?
  • What is my product's optimal pack/volume size?


  • Which market segments will accept my price increase without losing share?
  • What’s the revenue maximizing price for my product?

Customer Insights:

  • Are we offering the right product to the right customers?
  • Do competitor products have a strategic advantage over my product?
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Highlights of EPIC Conjoint

Conjoint Analysis should not be rocket science!

With our extremely user-friendly survey platform and exceptional customer support, companies can unlock revenue-enhancing insights using best-in-class tools and intuitive charts. The world’s leading brands trust EPIC Conjoint due to it’s unrivalled ability to precisely capture Price Elasticites from real-world trade-off decisions:

Full-Service Survey Process

Your personal EPIC Conjoint expert is by your side during all stages of the survey project (design, distribution, analysis).

Actionable outputs and intuitive tools

Focus on what really matters: Actionable survey results generated within 1-3 business days, presented in intuitive charts

Segment level insights

There is no such thing as an average customer: Use our customizable filters to unlock insights at either a market segment or individual respondent level.

We use EPIC Conjoint to develop new pack and pricing architecture for our key brands, which gives us a strong commercial advantage versus our competitors.


Powerful Insights

Applying state-of-the art scientific approaches matched with an industry-leading UX, our Choice-based Conjoint tool provides interactive insights such as...


Relative Feature Level Preference
Easily identify your target group’s most preferred product features.


Relative Feature Importance
Learn, which product features have the biggest influence on your customers purchase decision!


Price Elasticity
Evaluate your brand’s pricing power by discovering the price sensitivity of your target group!


Market Simulator
Simulate a market of competing products and easily discover volume shares and take rates. Conceptualize optimal product specifications, develop a winning go-to-market strategies, and more!


Price Optimization Simulator
Identify revenue maximizing offers in a competitive market - and find the ideal balance between winning market shares, promotions and price increases!

How Virtual Shelf Conjoint works


Virtual Shelf Conjoint presents products in a holistic way and asks respondents to make realistic trade-off decisions between competing offers placed next to each other on a customizable supermarket shelf

  • Images of the to-be-tested products are uploaded into the survey design
  • Price levels, serving size volumes, and discounts are defined as additional features
  • Respondents are presented with virtual shelves so each unique feature combination is tested among all respondents
  • From these trade-off decisions, EPIC Conjoint determines how purchase likelihoods are influenced by various product features
  • Add an unlimited number of additional questions to your Conjoint survey, capturing all the customer feedback you are interested in!

Get started with Virtual Shelf Conjoint today and discuss your project with your personal EPIC Conjoint expert!