Maximum Difference
Scaling (MaxDiff)

The Swiss Army Knife of Preference Measurement!
MaxDiff is a versatile solution used to determine customers' preferences towards product features and benefits, marketing claims, package designs and more. Powerful discrimination between features makes it the perfect tool to robustly rank product features for market acceptance.

What global B2C & B2B organizations say about us

“EPIC Conjoint contributes to a step change in the ability to be more customer-centric and data-driven in our commercial decisions in an optimal way. And we experienced a real partnership where the EPIC Conjoint team has helped us develop surveys and discuss insights together.”

The insights provided by EPIC Conjoint's flexible and agile conjoint tool enabled us to rapidly understand and implement the optimal pricing strategy for Neo, the ground-breaking smart watch specially designed for kids.

We are grateful to the EPIC Conjoint team’s approach. Additionally, where we have leveraged EPIC Conjoint’s pricing insights for previous launches, we are seeing positive results in the market.”

"A typical conjoint analysis project can often be expensive, time consuming and inflexible.  The tool developed by EPIC Conjoint combats these issues and much more.  We have used the tool to develop new pack and pricing architecture on our key brands, that we believe give us a strong commercial advantage versus our competitors.  The team at EPIC Conjoint are excellent and will support you through the process and collaborate closely with you to ensure your objectives are met."

"EPIC Conjoint has supported us in deploying conjoint analysis to rapidly gain insight into customer willingness-to-pay for different product propositions. This strategic partnership is important in enabling us to continue to outperform peers and drive revenue growth."

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EPIC Conjoint is a true partner, not only during the conjoint survey design and analysis phases, but more importantly when it comes to translating results into the real financial impact to our bottom line. Assigning a dollar amount to the impact is critical to getting projects through our internal stage gate. The team is incredibly flexible in accommodating our unique and complex research needs and business objectives.

"EPIC Conjoint has given us one of the missing pieces in our drive to offer a full suite of agile insight tools to our business – the ability to conduct sophisticated conjoint tests as quickly as we might evaluate a concept or creative."

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"We used EPIC Conjoint to carry out research exploring what new ranges we could bring to the market. We found the tool very easy to use and the information we got back really helped guide us with our NPD plan for 2020 and beyond."

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"I find the beauty of EPIC Conjoint in its simplicity, both while launching the survey and also while analyzing the results. It really makes you think and prioritize what is most important and relevant for consumers. They have developed an impressive tool which has helped us take important decisions on market launch and pricing / promo offers."

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"EPIC Conjoint simply put was the perfect partner; their willingness to address our every request,  their flexibility and the superiority of their platform allowed us to achieve our objectives and deliver huge value for our business.

We will most definitely be conducting more work with EPIC Conjoint in the future!"

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“EPIC Conjoint is a really powerful tool that has enabled us to quickly tests concepts and understand the impact of product features and pricing in real time. It is invaluable to Virgin Media in helping to guide decision making. The tool itself is intuitive and easy to navigate, with a host of new features for analysis.”

"The EPIC Conjoint platform delivers exceptional speed, from ideation
to completion, a great enabler of insight powered product development."

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"The EPIC Conjoint solution enables us to quickly test propositions and simulate a view of the market, as we expand our products and services into new European markets.  The price elasticity results have been an instrumental factor in our decision making process.  
 The team at EPIC Conjoint are excellent and helped support us through the entire survey process, ultimately ensuring we developed the right proposition for our customers."


"We have run our first CONJOINT with EPIC Conjoint in order to check the market potential of a new product launch. But we have got out of it so much more than that! We have taken on the learnings to shape our mid term product roadmap and optimize the portfolio. It is such a simple yet powerful tool! It took no time to set it up and we had results in just a few days. The EPIC Conjoint team was great: very responsive, helpful, quick, and proactive."


Applications of MaxDiff

EPIC Conjoint’s innovative MaxDiff tool unlocks an unambigious ranking of up to 35 individual tested product features, benefits and claims using rigorous trade-off decision-making methods. Best-in-class algorithms and intuitive charts generate actionable preference insights.

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Unlock dozens of Use Cases such as:

Product Development:

  • Which product features are most preferred by which customer segment?
  • If my audience had to choose five features from many, which would they select?

Marketing / Customer Insights:

  • Which advertising slogan or product name works best for which audience?
  • What are the most important customer satisfaction drivers?


  • How strong is our brand perception compared to competing brands?
  • Which features really create customer value, and should be further analyzed in a Conjoint Analysis study to determine Willingness to Pay?
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Highlights of EPIC Conjoint

Conjoint Analysis should not be rocket science!

With our extremely user-friendly survey platform and exceptional customer support, companies can unlock revenue-enhancing insights using best-in-class tools and intuitive charts. The world’s leading brands trust EPIC Conjoint due to it’s unrivalled ability to precisely capture Price Elasticites from real-world trade-off decisions:

Full-Service Survey Process

Your personal EPIC Conjoint expert is by your side during all stages of the survey project (design, distribution, analysis).

Actionable outputs and intuitive tools

Focus on what really matters: Actionable survey results generated within 1-3 business days, presented in intuitive charts

Segment level insights

There is no such thing as an average customer: Use our customizable filters to unlock insights at either a market segment or individual respondent level.

The EPIC Conjoint solution enables us to quickly test propositions and simulate a view of the market, as we expand our products and services into new European markets. The price elasticity results have been an instrumental factor in our decision making process. The team at EPIC Conjoint are excellent and helped support us through the entire survey process, ultimately ensuring we developed the right proposition for our customers.


Powerful Insights

MaxDiff eliminates traditional scaling biases through powerful discrimination between product features using realistic trade-off decisions. Applying state-of-the art scientific approaches matched with an industry-leading UX, our MaxDiff solution provides interactive insights such as...


Feature Utility

Easily identify which tested items add value to your proposition, and which do not. Easily explore the relative preference between tested items!


Preference Share

Get a feel for the probability that one item would be chosen over another, if a respondent was asked to select the best from all (up to 35) options.


Choice Frequency Analysis

Identify the most desired features at a glance and explore items your customers are indifferent towards, by measuring how many times an item was selected as best or worst.

How MaxDiff works


MaxDiff goes beyond a standard rating question. It asks respondents to pick the most and least important item from a list, helping to identify what your target customers truly value.

  • Define a list of up to 35 items (claims, brands, product features...) you want to test
  • EPIC Conjoint’s MaxDiff tool automatically generates question cards with 4-5 items
  • Each card asks respondents to choose the best and the worst option
  • Respondents are presented with multiple choice cards so each item and pairs of items are shown an equal number of times
  • Add an unlimited number of additional questions to your MaxDiff survey, capturing all the customer feedback you are interested in

Get started with MaxDiff today and discuss your project with your personal EPIC Conjoint expert!