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Webinar Recording

EPP Webinar: All in One Conjoint

In October 2023, together with European Pricing Platform, we hosted a webinar on capturing online & offline willingness to pay and price sensitivity in just one conjoint survey.


Webinar Recording

Value-Based Pricing & Optimization Toolbox

In March 2022 we hosted a German-language webinar where we talked talked about tools in the value-based pricing and product/service optimization fields

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Webinar Recording

Conjoint Analysis Demystified

In May 2021, together with European Pricing Platform, we hosted a webinar on the modern approach to pricing's most powerful research technique - Conjoint Analysis.


Webinar Recording

Conjoint Analysis
with PPS

In June 2021, together with Professional Pricing Society, we hosted a webinar on Conjoint Analysis


Webinar Recording

De-Risking New Product Introductions

Watch the recording of our webinar hosted in July 2021, about using Conjoint Analysis to answer key questions surrounding new product introductions.

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