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Rapid Survey

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The heart of our cloud-based survey platform is a selection of the most powerful quantitative research methodologies. Together with leading experts, we combine state-of-the-art scientific approaches with an unmatched, intuitive user experience.

Unleash the power of game changing Product and Pricing Research together with our experts - without getting lost in complexity.

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Choice Based
Conjoint Analysis

...uncovers customer preferences to help identify optimal product features and willingness to pay, evaluate price sensitivity, forecast market shares, and predict adoption of new products or services.


Shelf Conjoint

...presents products in a customizable virtual retail shelf format. Customer in-store purchase decisions are simulated and captured more realistically than ever before, making it a powerful tool for simulating FMCG product launches and price changes.


Van Westendorp
Price Sensitivity Meter

...used to identify a psychologically acceptable range of prices for new products or services and reveals price perceptions across various customer segments. The optional Newton-Miller-Smith extension unlocks a Demand Curve that maps the calibrated purchase intent for any given price point.


Analysis the perfect tool to robustly rank items for market appetite. Customer preferences for product or service features, marketing claims or package designs are precisely identified and measured.



...identifies groups of customers who share common needs and solutions, as well as similar Price Sensitivites and Willingness to Pay towards a certain product category. It is the most powerful tool to help maximize revenues and customer satisfaction.


Quantitative Surveys
A/B Testing

...allow you to pose the right questions to the right audience. Customizable survey templates allow you to easily set up A/B tests in order to compare product concepts, different packages or marketing messages.

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