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Finish 2020 on a high, and get a head start on 2021

By Matt Johnston / November 24, 2020

One of the most unusual years in modern history will soon end. However, there is no doubt the challenges COVID-19 pandemic has generated will stay with us. And without a quick solution in sight, we will continue to live through a pandession for the foreseeable future. While there is no doubt the pandemic has brought…

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Pricing in pandession: six dos and don'ts

How to manage pricing during the pandession: six dos and don’ts

By Matt Johnston / June 22, 2020

We’re living through a historic moment right now. You don’t need me to point out to you how COVID-19 has influenced everything this year. Not only is the pandemic unique because no event has influenced global society so profoundly since World War II, but also because we’ve never faced an economic challenge of this magnitude.…

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Lay the foundation for post-Covid19 success

Lay the foundation for post-COVID-19 success

By Matt Johnston / March 25, 2020

When asked, “What do you think about a recession?” Sam Walton, the founder of Walmart, responded, “I thought about it and decided not to participate.” Cost-cutting, discount pricing, and widespread uncertainty — that is how many companies have approached the challenges caused by the social and economic effects of COVID-19. CEOs and senior marketers face…

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The importance of capturing customer motivation underpinning purchases

By Matt Johnston / November 25, 2019

Yet another cracking EPP European & Global Pricing Forum — the 14th edition — was organized and hosted in Brussels last week by Pol Vanaerde and his talented team. EPP consistently creates an environment for generous knowledge sharing and healthy competition among a select group of esteemed pricing professionals, pricing platforms vendors, and pricing consultants.…

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