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New Features For Game Changing Product & Pricing Decisions

By EPIC Conjoint / August 30, 2022

Since our previous update announcement our team has been working tirelessly to bring even more enhancements to our product and pricing decision-making solution. Today we are announcing the biggest update to our solution from the day we started innovating how product and pricing decisions are supported by market research. A significant new feature is Virtual…

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Partnership announcement: Providing Conjoint Analysis platform and services to STAR COOPERATION and their clients

By EPIC Conjoint / July 15, 2021

Partnering with a strong Management Consulting firm like STAR COOPERATION is a big step for EPIC Conjoint.

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Matt Johnston talked with Mark Stiving for Impact Pricing Podcast #118

By EPIC Conjoint / June 4, 2021

If you are a Pricing professional, Mark Stiving’s Impact Pricing podcast is a must. Each week Mark hosts inspiring professionals that have a great influence on the field of Pricing. We are honoured that our own Founder & CEO Matt Johnston came to be in such an esteemed Pricing company. In this episode you will…

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The importance of capturing customer motivation underpinning purchases

By Matt Johnston / November 25, 2019

Yet another cracking EPP European & Global Pricing Forum — the 14th edition — was organized and hosted in Brussels last week by Pol Vanaerde and his talented team. EPP consistently creates an environment for generous knowledge sharing and healthy competition among a select group of esteemed pricing professionals, pricing platforms vendors, and pricing consultants.…

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