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How to stop AI from killing the wow in pricing and marketing

By EPIC Conjoint / September 19, 2023

The cover story of the July-August 2023 issue of the Harvard Business Review heralds “GenAI and the New Age of Human Creativity” and asserts that “GenAI’s greatest potential is not in replacing humans; it is to assist humans in their individual and collective efforts to create hitherto unimaginable solutions.” No one should underestimate the personal…

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Fear, Worry, and Value: What is driving your customers?

By EPIC Conjoint / October 6, 2022

Hot inflation numbers and energy instability are the latest signs that a deep economic chill will set in across major markets in North America and Europe. A look at the recent headlines reveals that the word “uncertainty” may be inadequate to describe what is happening right now and, even worse, what the winter will bring.…

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New Features For Game Changing Product & Pricing Decisions

By EPIC Conjoint / August 30, 2022

Since our previous update announcement our team has been working tirelessly to bring even more enhancements to our product and pricing decision-making solution. Today we are announcing the biggest update to our solution from the day we started innovating how product and pricing decisions are supported by market research. A significant new feature is Virtual…

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Need advice on fighting inflation? Ask your customers!

By EPIC Conjoint / May 17, 2022

Concerns about the impact of inflation are growing almost as fast as inflation itself. When the Conference Board surveyed close to 1,000 CEOs around the world in late 2021, some 82% said they are facing upward price pressure for inputs into their businesses. In the U.S., over half of the CEOs surveyed expected at least…

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Partnership announcement: Providing Conjoint Analysis platform and services to STAR COOPERATION and their clients

By EPIC Conjoint / July 15, 2021

Partnering with a strong Management Consulting firm like STAR COOPERATION is a big step for EPIC Conjoint.

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Matt Johnston talked with Mark Stiving for Impact Pricing Podcast #118

By EPIC Conjoint / June 4, 2021

If you are a Pricing professional, Mark Stiving’s Impact Pricing podcast is a must. Each week Mark hosts inspiring professionals that have a great influence on the field of Pricing. We are honoured that our own Founder & CEO Matt Johnston came to be in such an esteemed Pricing company. In this episode you will…

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Conjoint Survey to Evaluate Data Science Consulting Services

By EPIC Conjoint / May 18, 2021

EPIC Conjoint team congratulates Faye Hahn, a Business Information Student at the Technical University of Darmstadt (Germany), on her exceptional academic work. Faye successfully applied Conjoint Analysis for a very interesting use case: measuring market appetite and client preference for Data Science Consulting Services in Germany. Survey Summary Faye conducted this survey in the context…

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New and updated features to accelerate your research success

By EPIC Conjoint / February 11, 2021

Our mission at EPIC Conjoint is to make Conjoint Analysis – the most effective form of quantitative research – accessible and affordable to all businesses, large and small. To achieve our mission and to continue providing exceptional value to the Pricing, Customer Insight, and Product Development community, we regularly deploy feature and UX updates to…

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Irish Craft Gin Conjoint Analysis

By EPIC Conjoint / February 2, 2021

A leading Irish craft gin brand was gaining better sales traction in international markets than in Ireland. In an effort to boost sales in Ireland, they wanted to understand how their brand, product, and pricing were perceived by gin drinkers in Ireland vis-à-vis competing brands. The Solution The brand engaged EPIC Conjoint to design a…

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International Personal Care Brand Conjoint Study

By EPIC Conjoint / September 3, 2020

In March 2020, a leading international personal care consumer brand was evaluating where to build a production facility for their next-gen electric shaver. They were deciding between China and Europe, and a difference of €1.5 million in investment was at stake. One of the deciding factors was to understand the impact that “Made in,” “Designed…

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