New and updated features to accelerate your research success


Our mission at EPIC Conjoint is to make Conjoint Analysis – the most effective form of quantitative research – accessible and affordable to all businesses, large and small. To achieve our mission and to continue providing exceptional value to the Pricing, Customer Insight, and Product Development community, we regularly deploy feature and UX updates to our survey platform.

The latest EPIC Conjoint update unleashes more industry-leading enhancements, an upgraded user-interface, and innovative features that will boost your research success during all three stages of the survey process, enabling an even more holistic survey experience.

As always, we are on hand to support you throughout the research process to ensure your survey’s success.

Survey Results Dashboard Enhancements

Interactive & Competitive Price Optimizer

Find out if you are leaving money on the table and reinforce your product portfolio by wargaming various pricing scenarios. Once you specify the simulated market and the concept for which you’d like to optimize its price, let the Price Optimizer work its magic and identify the revenue-maximizing price for each scenario.

We updated the Price Optimizer chart so you can precisely identify pricing opportunities along the revenue curve, and you can use the new zoom-in functionality to analyze a chosen segment in even greater detail.

Stay one step ahead and manifest your competitive advantage by precisely analyzing your and your competitors’ pricing and product decisions!

Fully Dynamic Market Simulator & Business Case Parameters

Our new Market Simulator translates learnings about preferences and price elasticities into something more tangible: the Volume Share that you can expect to reach in a simulated market.

To better understand how not only your decisions but also those of your competitors will affect your bottom line, we now bring individual business case parameters to the Simulator.

This means that the EPIC Conjoint platform now predicts expected revenues, costs, and profits for you, which makes the Simulator perfectly suited for rapidly and precisely testing business cases!

Practical and Helpful Hints

Conjoint Analysis does not need to be rocket science! Our practical survey hints provide you with the information needed to identify, analyze and communicate your survey’s key findings – without overcomplicating things. Hints are provided through the survey design and survey distribution steps too.

Survey Distribution Enhancements

No matter who and where your target group is, we can reach them! By offering a multitude of survey distribution options, we make sure your survey will be distributed to the right audience. Not only that, we now offer:

More Markets – We offer a direct API-connection to our panel partner Cint, which enables clients to seamlessly distribute surveys to 130+ international markets within a couple of clicks.

More Panel Partners – We will actively connect you with trusted international panel partners of your choice for both B2C & B2B surveys to guarantee your success.

Survey Design Enhancements

Versatile Customizations

We are introducing a new customization suite, that allows you to design and distribute surveys in your individual corporate brand design.

You can upload your brand logo, specify your brand’s color set, and adapt the layout of Choice-Cards to suit what you are testing and to whom you are targeting.

Fast & Efficient Survey Builder

In order to enable you to create your own surveys within minutes, we are introducing three new efficiency-boosting features.

First, our platform now supports copying & pasting your surveys directly from Excel.

Moreover, the Concept Matrix can now be automatically translated into any language to enable toggling between languages in the results dashboard.

Finally, our modular questionnaire system allows you to drag & drop elements seamlessly to the desired location.

To see these new and updated features in action, log in to your EPIC Conjoint account and check them out.

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